Grooming & Care - Small Animal

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  • Bitz - Rubber Curry Comb

    Bitz - Rubber Curry Comb

    £1.25 £1.99
    Sturdy rubber curry comb with strap in small or large size. Soft and suitable for use on all kinds of animals.
  • Sleek Ez - Grooming Tool

    Sleek Ez - Grooming Tool

    £12.50 £14.99
    Fresh from the USA Sleek-EZ is the best grooming tool ever for horses, dogs, cats,furniture and more. Animals love it!
  • Wahl -  Pocket Pet - Trimmer

    Wahl - Pocket Pet - Trimmer

    £14.99 £16.99
    A popular, battery operated, compact trimmer l for whisker and hair removal. The small blade, measuring just 22mm, is ideal for use around the face & ears or from the paws and legs.