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Feedmark - Prolamin - 1.5kg

Feedmark - Prolamin - 1.5kg

Product code: FMPROL1
Prolamin is a two-pack supplement formulated for horses and ponies. One pack contains a blend of four traditional British hedgerow herbs The other consists of a high-specification micronutrient pellet .
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Prolamin is a specially formulated two-pack supplement.

One pack contains a blend of four traditional British hedgerow herbs that combine to support capillary strength, circulation and the tissues of the foot.

The other consists of a high-specification micronutrient pellet with the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids required for optimum health.

Robust levels of antioxidising vitamins E and A, together with Selenium and Zinc support the immune system, which is particularly important if the horse is on a restricted diet.

Prolamin is a revolutionary feed supplement consisting of two seperate formulations developed to assist recovery and then provide on a long term basis the essential micronutrients missing from a restricted ration.  Prolamin is therefore suitable for laminitis prone horses and ponies

Feed Prolamin:

  • To assist the natural recovery of damaged hoof tissues

  • To replace the essential micronutrients missing from restricted rations

Prolamin has been developed to be fed in conjunction with diets low in cereal based concentrate feeds.

Prolamin Contains:

  • A micronutrient pellet containing the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids required for efficient healing and maintenance of good health of horses and ponies on restricted rations.  Extra vitamin E, vitamin A, Selenium and Zinc are included for their antioxidant activity, which helps the body deal with the free radical effects of illness. 

  • The herbs Hawthorn, Buckwheat leaves, Rosehips and Nettle.  Specifically selected for their high content of bioflavanoids, including rutin.  In addition to acting as antioxidants, bioflavanoids are involved in capillary strength and circulation, important elements in foot tissue regeneration.

If your horse or pony is not receiving a bucket feed both the herbs and the micronutrient pellets can be fed straight from your hand.


Micronutrient Profile



Per scoop (40g)


63,700 mg/kg

2,548 mg


27,100 mg/kg

1,084 mg


13,200 mg/kg

528 mg


9,800 mg/kg

392 mg


3,750 mg/kg

150 mg


1,575 mg/kg

63 mg


6,250 mg/kg

250 mg


25 mg/kg

1 mg


6 mg/kg

0.24 mg


5,000 mg/kg

200 mg

Vitamin A

525,000 iu/kg

21,000 iu

Vitamin D3

66,000 iu/kg

2,640 iu

Vitamin E

26,400 iu/kg

1,056 iu

Vitamin B1

312 mg/kg

13 mg

Vitamin B2

275 mg/kg

11 mg

Vitamin B3

250 mg/kg

10 mg

Vitamin B6

125 mg/kg

5 mg

Vitamin B12

0 55 mg/kg

0.02 mg

Folic acid

94 mg/kg

4 mg


125 mg/kg

5 mg

Pantothenic acid

250 mg/kg

10 mg


750 mg/kg

30 mg

Vitamin K

313 mg/kg

13 mg


10,000 mg/kg

400 mg


10,000 mg/kg

400 mg

Directions for Use

Weight of Horse/Pony

Approx. height      

Micronutrient Pellets
per day

per day

Up to 250kg/550lb

Under 12hh

1/2 scoop

1/2 scoop

250kg/550lb - 400kg/880lb

12 - 14hh

3/4 scoop

3/4 scoop

400kg/880lb - 600kg/1320lb

14 - 16hh

1 scoop

1 scoop

Over 600kg/1320lb

Over 16hh

1 1/4 scoops

1 1/4 scoops

1 level (50ml) scoop of pellets weighs approximately 40g/1.4oz

1 level (50ml) scoop of herbs weighs approximately 12g/0.4oz. 

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Weight 1.5kg
Product Code FMPROL1
Brand Feedmark