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Phytopet - Thuja 200c - Homeopathic Pills

Phytopet - Thuja 200c - Homeopathic Pills

Product code: PHYTHU
Support for the skin - homeopathic remedy for use in the horse
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Support for healing warts/sarcoids.  


Each bottle contains weighs 10gm and contains approx 40 tablets.

When feeding a homeopathic remedy, it does not matter what size the animal is. You should ideally be feeding one tablet three times per day or two tablets twice a day, unless otherwise directed by a homeopath / homeopathic veterinary surgeon.

Instructions for use 

Large animals -   2-3 pills - 2-3 times per day 
Domestic pets -  1-2 pills -  2-3 times per day 

For acute conditions increase dose to one dose every 2-3 hours  up to 6 doses per day 

To feed simply drop the tablet into the inside of the lower lip and leave to dissolve, try not to handle the tablet as this affects its efficiency.

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Product Code PHYTHU
Brand Phytopet