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Sue Gould-Wright - Rider Biomechanics & Equestrian Pilates


Fancy trying something new - How about Equestrian Pilates or a lesson on an equine simulator to iron out those muscle issues / problems or for confidence building  - Contact - Sue Gould Wright -               or visit


Equestrian Pilates tuition is available online via Sue's website www.equestrian pilates, Sue also works on Rider Assessments on the Racewood simulators and during mounted sessions at clinics all across the UK.

The simulator sessions in particular are invaluable at offering riders an insight into how their bodies are working as they ride, as often they can block the horse's movement due to poor muscle recruitment patterns and stiffness. Sue is able to stand beside clients as they work in all gaits and movements which  is fantastic! Clients come on in leaps and bounds and find they are able to easily transfer this work to their real live horses!

For clinics / eventsthat are on in your area clinic on the link below :-